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C.E Bourne specializes in the following roof systems:

Built Up Roofs: (Asphalt and Cold Tar Pitch)

Built up roof is a generic term for a roof system that is literally built by adding layers. This is by far the oldest of the "modern methods" of roofing dating back to the early 1800's. Formerly, the built up roof membrane was the waterproofing agent and the bitumen was the adhesive. With the advent of synthetic fibers, the rolls of the two principle elements have been reversed. Now, the bitumen is the waterproofing agent and the membrane is used to hold the bitumen in place. Built up roofs can be installed using different waterproofing materials including coal tar pitch, asphalt, cold application adhesive, and modified asphalt. All systems will utilize either base sheet, ply sheets (felts), or cap sheets in some combination. The roof has a variety of surfacing options ranging from gravel, asphalt, coatings, to mineral surfaced.

Modified Bitumen Roofs:

A modified bitumen membrane (MBS) roof is a system developed by taking the qualities of a BUR system along with the qualities of a single-ply roof. A standard MBS roof system should have a base sheet or ply, similar to the BUR system, then a waterproofing sheet similar to single-ply.

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